Resin-bound driveways, paving, and pathways

We are resin specialists who can install exceptional resin bound surfaces. Resin bound is becoming increasingly popular for all types of surfaces, and we can provide a first-class installation. Our highly skilled and professional team can handle all work, from single pathways for homes to large commercial driveways.

An attractive driveway or patio can transform the look and feel of a property and offer an excellent surfacing solution. Of course, there are many other hard surfacing options on the market, but resin-bound offers a host of benefits. It provides a low-maintenance, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish and is available in various colours and patterns to suit you.

Resin-bound surfaces are also completely porous so that rainwater can drain away naturally. All our resin bound surfaces comply with SUDS regulations.

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What is resin bound surfacing?

Resin bound is a paving system that combines aggregates and resin to create a mixture. This is smoothed over an existing solid base, such as asphalt and concrete. This can provide a seamless and robust finish used across various applications, including driveways, paving, pathways, walkways, and ramps.

All resin bound surfaces can be designed to suit the exterior of your property, with a choice of colours and finishes. We use resin systems to enhance all areas of hard landscaping.

What are the benefits of resin bound surfaces?

Are you looking for an outdoor surface that has strength and style? Resin bound surfacing could offer the perfect option. Resin bound surfaces are quick to install and can reinvigorate a tried driveway or garden.

A modern alternative to other surfacing solutions, such as tarmac and gravel, our resin surfaces offer a host of benefits:


Resin bound surfaces are permeable, meaning there will be no pooling water. Resin bound surfacing is SUDS-compliant and ideal for built-up or urban areas to help relieve pressure on mains drainage systems.


Resin bound surfaces are smooth and slip-resistant, making them an ideal choice for busy families with children or wheelchair users.

Low Maintenance

Our resin bound driveways, paths, and paving is very low maintenance. Due to the application, very few weeds grow, and it might just need an occasional sweep to stay looking good.


Resin bound surfacing is exceptionally hard-wearing and durable. They cope very well with traffic and children playing on them. When installed correctly, these systems have a long lifespan.

Visually appealing

Resin bound surfaces offer an excellent, smooth aesthetic and come in many colours to choose from. You can also have a lot of design flexibility and create different shapes and borders.

UV and frost resistant

As long as UV-stable resins are used, resin bound surfaces are resistant to UV and frost, so the colour will not fade over time. They are also resistant to spillages.

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