Garden Structures

All beautiful gardens and exterior landscaping projects feature outdoor structures as part of the design. Trellises, pergolas, summerhouses, and seating areas show off the unique character of the space. With some designs, owners can enjoy the sense of an ‘outdoor room’ or an extension of their home.

Our garden designers and landscapers can take your garden from concept to finished project, including all types of structures. When you are looking to build new structures or features in your garden, our skilled team will ensure ultimate success. We will listen to your ideas and create detailed plans for your approval.

Our customisation extends to our materials and fine details, such as lighting. Our garden design expertise means we are well-placed to create structures that integrate seamlessly with your garden.

Bespoke garden buildings

Many of our clients look to create an additional room in their garden for working or to enjoy hobbies. We can design and build garden rooms that are a welcome extension to the home, well insulated and sheltered from the elements.

Garden Seats & Benches

Whether you are looking for a free-standing swinging seat, floating bench, or a more traditional seating area, our team can design and build a wonderful space for you to sit and enjoy the garden.


Pergolas add height and interest to gardens and can create a sense of flow. They combine nature and structure, can add colour, and can also camouflage areas.

Timber screening

Timber screening will add a modern and contemporary feel to your garden. Screening can also carve out secluded areas of your garden and increase privacy. Screening can sometimes be attached to fencing or pergolas.

Bespoke storage

Our well-design storage areas can look beautiful and blend in with the rest of the garden design. So whether you need a log store, bespoke shed, or well-hidden bin store, our team can design and build the perfect solution to your needs.


Garden arches – also known as arbors – can create a focal point in your garden and can elevate a seating area or pathway. They can also support climbing plants or vines and will introduce colour and texture.

Bespoke design

Fantastic landscaping begins with great design, and our garden designers will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs. They will then be able to give you a guide around your budget. From there, an initial site survey and concept design and drawings are commissioned. This will look at the existing topography and elevations as well as allowing us to take accurate measurements.

Once all designs have been refined and approved, our team will build your dream garden.

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